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Our Work

The UK Defence Solutions Centre

Facilitating strong international partnerships and cooperation between UK Government, defence industry, academia and international customers

Created as part of the implementation plan for the Defence Growth Partnership (DGP) and jointly funded by government and industry, the UKDSC works closely with the UK’s MOD, BEIS and Department for International Trade – Defence and Security Organisation (DIT DSO), the UK defence industry and academia.

This is a world first approach to collaboration in defence solutions and we believe this integrated model will position the UK defence industry as a world-leading centre of innovation.

Aligned Investment


UKDSC has worked with Government and Industry to identify and shape potential areas of investment. Aligning UK defence requirements with international and commercial sector needs to support investment in innovation projects.

Through a strategic programme covering three integrated themes (Market Intelligence, Capability Alignment, and Innovation and Investment) the UKDSC is striving to ensure that the capability of the UK Defence Industry is world leading in order to compete effectively around the globe.

What We Stand For

Our Values

We are proud to work in the UK defence industry with its fantastic history of success and its ability to shape the future through innovation.

We facilitate innovation, identify opportunities and seek routes to market for UK plc within the defence sector.

By aligning potential customers’ needs and the world class capability present within UK industry, we aim to improve the competitive edge of the UK defence sector in both the domestic and export markets.

We are committed to positioning the industry as a global technical leader, encouraging investment in world-class manufacturing, products and services.

We operate in the pre-competitive space, developing trusted relationships with export customers, advocating UK solutions to our customers’ complex defence problems and acting as the customer’s voice to align UK industry.

We understand and value the importance of treating sensitive information appropriately.

Our team, drawing on reach back into stakeholder companies, have a broad and deep sector expertise, allowing us to offer independent technical and strategic insight, challenging conventional methods and promoting innovation.

We are a small team, with a simple structure allowing us to respond swiftly to enquiries and to conduct our business in a fast and efficient manner.